Welcome to The Belleville Yacht Club

Our Club’s Purpose

The purpose of the BYC is to create a community of boat owners and water craft enthusiasts through events and social gatherings; to induct new boaters through youth and family programs that teach the basics of safe boating while giving access to a range of boating experiences; to pursue and encourage additional access to Belleville Lake; and to promote boating safety, expertise and knowledge through educational programs delivered by and to our membership.

Proud Member of

The Yachting Club of America

The Belleville Yacht Club is a private club located in Belleville Michigan. Our members benefit from having access to our dining facilities, lounge and lakeside tiki bar. As members of Y.C.A., reciprocal privileges are available at member clubs nationwide. For more information on reciprocity guidelines and privileges, please visit the YCA here.


The Belleville Yacht Club Facebook page is independent from this site.  Please remember that anything you post will reflect on the club.  If you see anything on the Facebook page that is not a good reflection of our values, please email [email protected]